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Event and wedding planning
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" I started Milan Catering because I really enjoyed the entire concept of catering.  To me, it is an elaborate puzzle with deadlines and a huge reward when it all comes together with a thank you from our grateful client.  What amazes me is how the bar keeps being raised every year.   Last year's five star performance event would only draw yawns today.  That upward spiral is why the Milan chefs, wedding planners and event staff are so excited every day as we search for and refine our catering concepts, menus and event planning" 

Managing Partner, Chef Roberta

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Milan Catering and Event Design, LLC

Culinary Philosophy
  • Professional Chefs

  • on-site with mobile kitchens

  • Contemporary, fresh  Menus

  • artistic flair

Milan Catering opened eleven years ago in the Sarasota area.  From the very beginning, we focused on the differences that would provide consistent, five star performance.  A cornerstone of our culinary philosophy is that we only hire professional and experienced chefs to create, cook and deliver your menus (not kitchen help, utility cooks or interns).  The other important aspect is that we have experienced, professional wedding planners and event planners who keep the event or wedding organized with flawless performance. Since the beginning of operation, we have grown to be one of the largest off-premise catering company in the Fl West Coast.   We operate four regional locations, the Bradenton Convention Center and the Englewood Event Center and exclusively manage the Crosley Supper Club dedicated to the Crosley Foundation.​  Our focus on perfection is our commitment to you.  

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