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Milan Catering and Event Design

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Milan Catering and Event Design in Sarasota 


A Note from the Executive Chef

You may never have purchased catering services before and it can be daunting because it is usually a complex number.  We tend to use price as the determining factor when there are no guidelines, similiar to buying a car.  However, catering is different as there are lots of factors that affect price.  For example, a venue may charge caterers a kitchen fee which is part of the catering budget, or not provide tables and chairs which adds rental costs and late night pickup fees.  Because evaluating caterers' proposals is difficult with line item comparisons, Milan offers all inclusive packages that includes everything you will need for your event at that venue for that date.  With a price per person number, you can also manage your budget as additional guests are added at the per person fee. Once you Save the Date and sign the contract, our prices are guaranteed with no market price adjustments.

So here's how to start the process with us.  If you have a venue in mind and a date (even if on hold), you are in a good position to ask "how much".  The more information you fill out on what is important to you, type of cuisine, style, times... the more realistic your per person price will be.  Once we create the first proposal for you, we want your feedback as there are lots of options available. We welcome that.  From there, we customize your menu and catering style and you are invited to a private, complimentary tasting to meet the team.  

With this unique process, we are consistently rated as a five star caterer and event and wedding planning company for the Florida West Coast.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Milan Catering and Event Design in St. Petersburg