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bar service
  • hosted Beer,

  • Wine and Mixed Drinks

  • speciality Drinks

  • Champagne

  • licensed bartenders

  • $1 Million Insurance 

  • mini servings so you try all

  • donut bars

  • your favorite candy flavors

New American Menus
  • Contemporary TwisT

  • comfort Foods

  • Savory Profiles

Wedding Cakes
  • Traditional

  • Rustic

Vegetarian and vegan 
  • beyond kale

  • Gluten free options 


Family Style
  • Served platters to Tables

  • up to 3 entrees

  • everyone tries everything

  • Amazing Eye appeal

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Milan Catering and Event Design, LLC

mediterranean Menus
  • Italian, Greek, Morroccan

  • Savory profile

  • yes, we have pasta!

Walking Reception
  • Themed stations that flip 

  • World Cuisine for Menus

  • Chef Assisted option

  • Beyond the cocktail party

  • Florida and Latin Flavors

  • Sweeter Profile

  • spicy options

SOuthern Menus
  • Some spice

  • bacon as a food group

  • savory and sweet profiles





Milan Catering and Event Design's menus are unique and contemporary cuisines that focus on fresh, locally sourced ingrediants, eye appeal and depths of flavors. The key to our delicious menus is guided by our professional chefs who create complimentary flavor profiles for each menu item, customize the catering style to maximize food presentation (Guest Choice Tableside, Family style, Walking Receptions) and then cook on-site in our mobile kitchen equipped with restaurant- grade ovens to deliver delicious, on-time and served at the right temperature culinary masterpieces.  Many of our entrees take advantage of locally sourced and organic ingredients because our chefs have discovered just how delicous they are.

We offer Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, and Healthy, Kid Friendly menus. We love ethnic and cultural menus that reflect the event or wedding theme, so if you don't see your favorite dish listed,  please ask our chefs to create it. 

Why not a Restaurant Caterer?

Fundementally, the cooking style is different for off-premise catering.  A restaurant chef plates up individual orders and delivers it in minutes. With that mindset, they will cook the catering menu at the kitchen and deliver it in a box that sits for hours (think buffets) before service. Because we are only off-premise caterers, our menus are designed with a delayed delivery concept in mind.  Every menu item is finished by our professional chefs who cook on-site in our restaurant grade ovens. So the food is served at the right temperature, stays delicious and we can expand the type of services beyond the old-fashioned buffet.

Why not Drop and Run Catering?

To create spectacular events, you need on-site staff to first cook the menus and staff to properly present and serve it to your guests.  Drop and run food are items at room temperature that can sit around for hours.  Hmmm.. nothing comes to mind that you would want to serve?

Once you have found your venue, have a general idea of guest counts  and a date, please call or email us to create your unique menu. Our Executive Chef will talk to you about your vision, favorite foods and style to create your perfect event.  

Catering  Styles 

Guest Choice Tableside
  • Served entrees

  • No Dinner RSVPS Needed

  • 3 to 4  Entrée Choices

  • Vegetarian, Vegan options