Milan Catering provides wedding and event catering services for the Powel Crosley Estate. This vintage estate is on the Sarasota bay front and offers both outdoor ceremony and indoor and outdoor reception locations.  Milan Catering has been the approved Powel Crosley Estate caterer since 2004 and do the most weddings at the Crosley Estate.  We post all of our Crosley weddings on Instagram and Pinterest to showcase our latest floral packages and vintage furniture decor along with the variety of indoor and outdoor reception layouts. 

In addition, we host theCrosley Estate New Year's Eve Speakeasy where 500+ guests dine and dance under the stars to ring in the new year. The Crosley New Year's Eve party is vintage glam and supports the Crosley Estate Foundation fundraising.

Crosley's bar services are currently being transitioned for Milan Catering's clients.  We offer full hosted Crosley bar services, signature drinks, craft beer options along with a seasonal non-alcoholic beverage service.  


We offer full wedding and event services that can pull it all together for you.  Our  Sarasota Wedding Gallery is the wedding planning company for Milan Catering and the Crosley couples located in this area.  Our  Tampa Wedding Gallery  is designed to support our Tampa Bay clients in the Crosley planning process.  Your planner can transform your vision with florals, tents, lighting and furniture and our two exclusive Crosley showrooms contain all of the latest 2018 designs and rental options.​  Our wedding planners love showcasing this venue so visit our  Pinterestand join our  Sarasota to Boca Grande Instagram  to see this weekend's weddings. 

Powel Crosley Estate reception by Milan Catering
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Powel Crosley Estate wedding reception by Milan Catering

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